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Municipal Museum (Městské muzeum – a former post office)

The most valuable architectonic monument in the preserved zone of the town of Zlaté Hory was built in 1698 in a Dutch Baroque style and served as the first post office in Silesia. A number of prominent figures stayed overnight here: Emperor Joseph II or the Prince of Ditrichstein to name at least some. We are reminded of these extraordinary moments by a commemorative plate in the hallway of the museum building.

The Municipal Museum features a town and region exposition, a cottage room exposition, and an extensive exposition of mining in the Middle Ages and at present. The basement presents a model of a contemporary adit along with a torture room from the times of witch trials, a vast collection of minerals, tools and instruments used to mine ores and gold. There are presentations of the towns of Rejvíz, Horní Údolí, Dolní Údolí and Ondřejovice.

The Municipal Museum also houses the SNOP Gallery where art exhibitions are held regularly.

Zlaté Hory - radnice   Zlaté Hory - kostel

autoDriving distance from Horní Údolí: 7.2 km, total time: 00:10 hours.
Parking in the square is free.

GPSThe Municipal Museum is located in the very center of the square.  
GPS: 50°15'46.224"N, 17°23'45.997"E

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Gold Ore Mills with the Valley of Lost Adits nature trail

The Valley of Lost Adits is home to the Open-Air Mining Museum with a wooden replica of medieval mining mills and a nature trail. Making its way through the valley is the Olešnice streamlet that has been gold-bearing since the 12th century to this day. A guide will show you a mill room with a hammer mill where you can see a demonstration of gold-bearing ore grinding and other interesting procedures. Both buildings were built according to historical drawings, using tree nails. Both mill wheels are driven by an original flume.

After the tour of the mills you can borrow a prospector’s pan from the guide and try gold panning right in the streamlet. The Valley of Lost Adits nature trail is a 2 km track running around the Open-Air Mining Museum and bringing you to a natural optical delusion site where ‘water runs uphill’. The Open-Air Mining Museum also features gold diggers’ log cabins where you can buy souvenirs and refreshments.


autoDriving distance from Horní Údolí: 6.4 km, total time: 00:08 hours
Parking in the parking lot is free. Plan of the way


Walking trail: Set out at the post office and follow the red tourist sign (Bezručova Street)
until the railroad station from where you will continue according to the green tourist
sign to the Gold Ore Mills. Walking distance is about 2 km.

GPSThe Open-Air Mining Museum is in the valley between the town of Zlaté Hory and the town of Ondřejovice 
GPS: 50°15'46.224"N, 17°23'45.997"E

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The outlook tower on Bishop Hill (Biskupská Kupa)

This is the oldest stone outlook tower in the Jeseníky Mountains. It is situated at the top of Bishop Hill (Biskupská Kupa) 890m a.s.l. Its ceremonial opening took place in 1898 on the occasion of the 50 years’ rule of Emperor Franz Joseph. It was the seat of the very first post office in Moravia. When visibility is good, the tower offers views as far as the peaks of the Jeseníky Range, Praděd Mountain, Sněžka Mountain and a large area of the Polish Lowlands. The outlook tower is open year-round.

Biskupská kupy   Biskupská kupy - rozhledna

autoDriving distance from Horní Údolí: 13 km, total time: 00:15 hours. Parking at the valley point near Petrova Bouda (Peter’s Cottage) is free. From the parking lot you can climb an approx. 2km uphill track following green tourist signs that will take you to the outlook tower.
nohaWalking trail: Start in the square of Zlaté Hory (the main signpost in front of the Museum) and walk approx. 4km following the green tourist sign that will take you past the chapel of St. Roch and Monk’s Stone (Mnichův kámen).
GPS The outlook tower is found east of Zlaté Hory in the direction of Jindřichov in Silesia. 
 (GPS: 50°15'24.854"N, 17°25'43.867"E)

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The pilgrimage site of Virgin Mary, the Helper 

As early as the beginning of the 18th century the first pilgrims came here to see the painting of the Mother of God hung in the place which later became a chapel. However, during the reforms initiated by Emperor Josephs II pilgrimages and church services were prohibited. When these activities were restored a brick church was erected. Following WWII the pilgrimage site experienced an inauspicious twist when mining activities led to the strict ban on any access to the pilgrimage site which naturally began to dilapidate. In the end the entire site was leveled to the ground in 1973. The pilgrimage site was restored in 1995. Today the paining of the Mother of God forms an integral part of the altar of the parish church of St. Mary Ascension in Zlaté Hory whereas the pilgrimage site is decorated with a similar painting.

The pilgrimage site is open to its visitors all year round.
Holy mass is celebrated every Saturday at 10:30 and every Sunday at 10:30 and at 15:00.
Every year these are the most frequently attended pilgrimages: Family Pilgrimage, Diocesan Pilgrimage and the Pilgrimage of Three Nations.

Poutní Kostel 1   Poutní Kostel 2

autoDriving distance from Horní Údolí: 15 km, total time: 00:18 hours.
Free parking at the parking lot near the pilgrimage site.
nohaWalking trail: Set out at Bohemaland and follow the yellow tourist sign marking a 3 – 4 km long Calvary taking you to the pilgrimage church.
GPSThe pilgrimage site is situated south of Zlaté Hory in the direction of Heřmanovice.  
GPS: 50°13'35.336"N, 17°23'42.191"E

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Rejvíz and a nature trail that will take you to the Moss Lake (Mechové jezírko)

One of the most peculiar sites in the Olomouc Region is the Rejvíz nature preserve. It consists of an oligotrophic peat bog Big Moss lake and Small Bog Lake (Velké mechové jezírko and Malé mechové jezírko). This type of environment is characterized with rare plant and animal special. The mysterious lakes gave rise to numerous myths. The former hard life in the Rejvíz community is commemorated in a local weaving exposition. Another tourist attraction is carved chairs made by local inn regulars and displayed in the Penzion Rejvíz guest house.

The nature trail going the moss lake:

Starting at the Rejvíz guest house, the trail runs 3 km to the moss lake. The nature trail with five stops is for hikers only. From the third stop (cash desk) the nature trail continues on a corduroy (log) road to the Big Moss Lake (Velké mechové jezírko). The total lake area is 1693 m3 and its maximum depth is 3 m. The route is open from May to October.


Rejvíz - chalupy   Rejvíz - mechvové jezírko 

autoDriving distance from Horní Údolí: 7 km, total time: 00:09.
Parking lot at the Penzion Rejvíz guest house – subject to a fee.
nohaWalking trail: Start at a bus terminal above Horní Údolí and continue the blue tourist sign for another 7 km. Start in Zlaté Hory and follow the red tourist sign to the railroad station from where you will follow the green sign taking you around the Gold Ore Mills.


GPS: 50°13'13.436"N, 17°17'11.112"E

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 „Let´s come and visit us in our Jeseníky region, that is known for its picturesque landscape and the cleanest air in the Czech Republic. We hope, you will enjoy it in Zlaté Hory and you will come back again.“

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